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My name is Laura O'Bryan and I am a Certified Professional Midwife as well as a Licensed Direct Entry Midwife. I am a non-denominatinal Christian midwife and I believe that this is what I am meant to be doing. I have been attending births since 2007 when my first child was born. I started as a doula assisting other families and postpartum doula work as well to help overwhelmed moms. I had chilren of my own as I built my passion of caring for families into a business. Eventually I went through a very challenging phase in my life as a single mom. Interestingly it led to a greater understanding of all types of family situations and experiences. It also became the turning point for me to finish my midwifery career and training and I became a midwife in 2013. Eventually, I re-married and family blended, gaining another child, for a truly redemptive life. I understand challenges are present in everyone's life and that the timing of childbirth is a gift, but also can be a challenging journey. I recognize too that there are things unseen, but often felt at each birth experience. I believe that my life of both prayer and medical work, lends itself to a different kind of birth. I will continue to give my knowledge, experience, and spiritual support to all the individuals I affect. Through partnering with you, I will work through preventative nutrition, in-depth education, and personalized care to faciliate the birth that you desire. You will find that it is worth it to have a whole new outlook on birth. Let Life Midwife support you, because your life, your choices, and your birth matter!
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